So, it seems, pop star Shakira got it wrong.

Apparently, hips really do lie.

Mike Napoli is living proof. Diagnosed in December with avascular necrosis, a degenerative — and sinister-sounding — condition that often results in the weakening and eventual death of bones, Napoli waited for nearly two months while the Red Sox revised his contract, reducing it from three years to only one, from $39 million to a guarantee of $5 million.

But here was Napoli, 19 games into the season, hitting a grand slam from bended knee and pointing to himself with both thumbs after crossing the plate, as if to affirm that he has been the most prolific run-producer in the majors.

“It’s awesome,” left fielder Daniel Nava said after a 9-6 victory over the Oakland Athletics that was powered by Napoli’s five RBI. “Everyone wishes they could do that, but we know that we can’t. So, you just enjoy it and you say, ‘Man, I’m glad that guy’s on my team.’ ”

In fact, manager John Farrell shudders to think where the Red Sox would be without their lumberjack-sized first baseman.

The Sox are 13-6, good for first place in the AL East. But even after his three-run homer last night, third baseman Will Middlebrooks is only 5-for-47 since April 7. Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia has five hits in his last 32 at-bats, while shortstop Stephen Drew is 4-for-33 since coming off the disabled list. And David Ortiz has played in only three games.