With less than 10 minutes until the trade deadline, Roberto Luongo was called off the ice by Canucks management, leading to rampant speculation that he was about to be traded. It turned out to be a massive false alarm, as the trade deadline came and went without a Luongo trade. In fact, the Canucks didn’t make any trades at the deadline, standing pat with their trade for Derek Roy the day before.

Considering the trade fervour in Vancouver, Luongo was naturally asked to speak to the media after practice and gave one of the most honest and intriguing pressers of all time.

The highlight: when asked why he thinks he hasn’t been traded yet, he chuckled and said, “My contract sucks.”

We’re not used to hearing that kind of honesty from hockey players in interviews. We’re used to canned responses, clichés and empty rhetoric. We’re used to hearing, “It is what it is.” When it comes to trade rumours, we’re used to athletes telling us that they “don’t pay attention” and “don’t read the papers.” Luongo’s presser was the exact opposite: it was honest, emotional, and real.

It started with the usual platitudes. “It’s nice to get past this point,” he said, “I think I can really focus now on one thing and that’s doing what I can do to help this team.” It didn’t stay there though, as his very next sentence revealed how tough this whole process has been on him.

“Obviously in the last couple weeks, things have been a little bit emotionally tough for me.” It’s easy to forget in all the hype of the trade deadline how stressful it must be for those on the trading block. For a short period of time, the people become commodities to be moved, acquired, and sold to the highest bidder. In fact, it’s incredibly impressive that Luongo was able to deal with this stressful time with humour, even mystifying his followers on Twitter the day before the deadline with a series of cryptic tweets featuring emojis.

“It’s weird, I’ve been pretty calm about the whole situation until, for some reason, yesterday in the late evening,” Luongo said, “I started getting weird feelings in my stomach — not that I had to go to the bathroom — just getting nervous.” Classic Funny Bob. Even while pouring his heart out, he can’t resist a poop joke.

It turned out that Luongo was only called off the ice at practice with 10 minutes to go before the deadline just in case a deal came in and Gillis and Gilman needed to ask him to waive his no trade clause right then and there.