Darryl Sutter on Jake Muzzin’s recent absence from practice:
Muzz tweaked his knee in Colorado. Just make sure before he skates again. It’s not serious.

Sutter on the severity of the injury:
He’s fine. Just a mild sprain.

Sutter on the injury being a “byproduct of training camp”:
You know what? Guys pull muscles i don’t like it. If our guys block a shot and get hurt that’s all right. If you get hurt in contact that’s training camp. Otherwise you wouldn’t have it.

Sutter on a claim that players came to camp in excellent shape as indicated by testing:
Well they haven’t done that here for a number of years so there was no base of it. We wanted to do it last year. A lot of the physiological part of it – it hadn’t been done here. So there was no baseline or nothing to go off of. Really I’m doing it on what other teams have done not what this team had done…Well the only guys that they had done it with was quite honest the kids in Manch last year because that’s when they had training camp. We would have done it last year obviously but with the lockout we didn’t