I won't lie. I suffer from a bit of anxiety everytime the Steelers' season comes to a close. I'm a blogger, obviously, and I worry about coming up with offseason material to write about. However, this offseason has been rather rich in the material department early on for yours truly.

First there was Brent Musburger, Katherine Webb and the "People Against People Who Like Beautiful People" who objected to Musburger calling Webb, Miss Alabama, "beautiful" during the telecast of the BCS title game between Alabama and the Fighting Irish. Last week, we had Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o and his fake girlfriend who unfortunately passed away.

And now this week, Steeler Nation's old nemesis, the Oakland Raiders, are back and crying about yet another postseason screw job. Only this time, it wasn't some referee or commissioner who jobbed them out of championship glory, it was themselves.

Former Raiders wide receiver Tim Brown has come out and all but accused Bill Callahan, the man who took over for John Gruden as Oakland's head coach when Gruden jumped ship to the Buccaneers following the 2001 season, of sabotaging the Raiders chances of winning Super Bowl XXXVII against Tampa Bay by changing the game-plan just days before the game.