“It was disappointing,” he said. “Anytime, you don’t make the playoffs, especially with what we have here, it’s a disappointing year. It’s why we play the game — to play those extra games at the end of the year.”

Moustakas rolled on, never seeming to consider it wasn’t a team question.

“Last year and the year before (as a rookie in 2011),” he added, “are my first times of not making the postseason since I’ve been playing baseball. I was just real disappointed in the way things ended up.”

There you have Moustakas; a throwback mix of intensity, pull power and high expectations. His own performance last season — and particularly over the last two months — was also a disappointment.

“His frustration level grew more in the second half with his at-bats,” manager Ned Yost said. “He got off to a good start, and you ride a good start. When you start to struggle, you start fighting it a little bit.