Tre’ Coggins is leaving the Air Force basketball team.

And he’s not alone.

The sophomore point guard and leading scorer informed coach Dave Pilipovich that he will seek a transfer rather than return for his junior season, which would automatically trigger a commitment to graduate and serve five years as an officer.

Freshman center Darrius Parker will follow Coggins out of the academy, but Pilipovich said basketball was not a key to either decision.

“You’ve got to be more into the military part than the athletics part,” Pilipovich said, “because that’s what we’re going to do.”

The loss of both players will be a major hit. Coggins averaged 16 points per game last year and was the only freshman or sophomore to earn postseason recognition from the Mountain West, as he was a third-team selection.

Coggins scored 20 or more points eight times his scoring average was the highest for an Air Force sophomore in 27 years. But there were plenty of red flags indicating his stay might be a short one.

He was suspended for three games in the middle of the conference season, with Pilipovich at the time citing concerns that included academics, military and his approach to the basketball team. Coggins said upon returning that the suspension would not impact his decision to stay at the academy, but his posts to a since-deleted Twitter account began to paint a picture of a cadet who was not content.

“We’ve talked about and had some good conversations about it,” Pilipovich said. “I know he’s talked about it with his family. He’s never been one that has welcomed the military part of it. He’s done it, but he’s always said it’s been a challenge for him.”

Coggins participated in just the first week of the Falcons’ four-week offseason training session, taking the extra time to ensure he stayed on top of his academic and military requirements.

There was no guarantee that Coggins’ performance as a cadet would have been good enough for him to return anyway, but he took any guesswork out of that decision.