Alfred Morris says his bruised ribs are no longer a concern and he’ll be in the lineup when the Redskins face the Cowboys on Sunday night.

“All is well with me” he said before practice on Wednesday.

“There are some remnants of it” Morris continued. “But it’s nothing serious nothing that will hinder me out there playing so I’m not worried about it.”

Morris who left the Oakland game in the third quarter after he twisted awkwardly and a Raiders’ defender landed on him said he’ll experiment with different types of torso padding this week in practice.

“It’s annoying” Morris said of wearing additional padding. “I really don’t want to do anything. But it’s a precaution. They want me to do it so I’ve been trying different padding and stuff.”

When the second-year running back was forced to the sideline against the Raiders it marked only the second time he was sidelined due to injury -- in his life. The other time came at Florida Atlantic the result of an ankle injury.

“It sucked” he said. “That was only the second time I didn’t finish a game. I always finish games. I hope it never happens again.”

Through four games this season Morris has 296 yards and two touchdowns on 56 carries. A year ago he had 376 yards and four touchdowns on 82 carries during the same time period.

The reason for the drop off Morris said has been the result of trailing early in games not opposing defenses keying on him.