Not that you haven’t noticed, but this is the way we now have to cover sports: We have to check everyone’s tweets, everyone’s (anti) social media vehicles to see who’s daily trashing whom, who’s cursing someone out, who’s crossing a line into outrageous incivility, who’s starting trouble.

And there’s always someone.

As reported in Thursday’s Post, from seemingly nowhere — nowhere intelligent, nowhere good — two of the NFL’s best DBs, the Jet Darrelle Revis and Seattle’s Robert Sherman, are engaged in a pathetic boast and putdown-filled dialogue, one that reveals both to be stuck somewhere deep in both childhood and a dangerous neighborhood.

Yep, someone dissed someone and now two all-pros are acting as if they’re auditioning for the leads in an updated, Glock-inclusive reprisal of West Side Story.

Problem is, they’re both too self-smitten to be embarrassed.

“My season stats looking like Revis career stats,” Sherman, a Stanford man, posted on Twitter as part of a sustained self-promotional campaign loaded with conceit and gratuitous insults of Revis.

“I never seen a man before run his mouth like [a] girl,” Revis, a University of Pittsburgh man counter-tweeted. “This dude just steady putting my name in his mouth to get notoriety.”