If Denard Span's ground ball in the fourth inning Saturday doesn't get through the infield, the Twins could have been no-hit for the second time on this road trip.

Oh wait, there's one more game left. There's plenty of time to find new lows, especially with Justin Morneau heading to the disabled list because of his ailing left wrist.

Seattle ace Felix Hernandez's signature performance led the Mariners to a 7-0 victory over the Twins, with Span's single being their only hit of the game.

It's the 27th time the Twins have been one-hit in their history.

It's time to go over low-hit games again, because they are piling up this week.

The Twins were shut out on three hits Tuesday, no-hit by the Angels' Jered Weaver on Wednesday and had five hits in a victory on Friday. Throw in Saturday's game, that's nine hits over their past four games.


In their past 36 innings, the Twins have scored in one of them.


The Men Without Bats are building momentum toward Monday, when Weaver is scheduled to face the Twins again as he finds out if he can connect with his inner Johnny Vander Meer, the only pitcher ever to throw back-to-back no-hitters.

"I've been on those teams where when pitching is going good, hitting stinks," said Twins righthander Jason Marquis, who walked six batters over six innings on Saturday. "And when pitching stinks, hitting is going good. We gotta match it up.

"We just need, as pitchers, to do our job. And I know the hitters are going to be doing their job. We just need everything to line up."

Twins hitters largely were absent from the visitors' clubhouse after the game. The Twins can, however, still win this three-game series if they beat the Mariners on Sunday, a fact acting manager Scott Ullger embraced during the postgame interview.