When Justin Morneau signed his six-year, $80 million contract in January 2008, the end of that deal seemed so far away. He was 26 and a season removed from winning the American League MVP, and the Twins were perennial contenders.

Now he is 31, approaching the end of that deal next fall, and the Twins are coming off back-to-back 90-loss seasons. His concussion issues are behind him, but he is hardly satisfied.

"When you get to this stage of my career, or Joe [Mauer's] stage of his career, the only thing that matters now is winning," Morneau said. "That's it."

Morneau knows he could get traded this offseason. The Twins need starting pitching and have Chris Parmelee to take his place at first base.

"If they decide it's time for me to go, that things need to be done to help this team win, then that's for people who get paid to make those decisions," he said. "Obviously, I want to play here. I've been here when it's good. We've had a couple tough years, but I want to be here when it's good again. And it's not too far away in my eyes."