As much as Rockets general manager Daryl Morey evaluates the data of past performances to predict the future, there will always be exceptions.

He, Morey insisted, will likely be an exception.

Morey has never let a trade deadline pass without a deal. But one month before the 2012-13 trade deadline, Morey said he is more unlikely to make a deal than he has ever been, with the seven-game losing streak the Rockets bring into Monday's game against the Bobcats not changing the long-term plan or revealing much they did not know.

This, Morey said, could be the year he sits out, even if his history argues otherwise.

"There's a few reasons," Morey said. "Everyone (on the roster) is tied to the future. They're all 23-ish, pretty much all our guys. We'd like to grow together. And we have a clear and present way to upgrade without trades with all the cap room. All those things add up to us being more stable."

Morey does not consider the rebuilding to be complete or even simply in need of time for the Rockets to mature past their status as the NBA's youngest, least-experienced team. The acquisition of guard James Harden before the season is considered a major step toward the long-term plan, but Morey believes the Rockets are a star away from a roster that can grow into a contender.

But in many ways, that could make Morey choosier, despite his early-season declaration he won't be picky.