Drive 14 miles south from Alex Rodriguez's waterfront mansion in Miami Beach and you come to the front door of what used to be Biogenesis, the company that allegedly peddled PEDs to Rodriguez and other major league players.

Just a few hundred yards down the road from that vacant office suite and across the always-busy Dixie Highway on the corner of Hurricane Drive and Ron Fraser Way sits Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field, the beautiful home to the University of Miami baseball team.

"There are some rumblings that they may change the name of the park,'' a former University of Miami player told The Post yesterday in light of the latest PED problems facing A-Rod. "This whole thing is just so unfortunate. Hopefully for his sake and the community and everything, nothing happens with his name and the park, but we'll see what the school does.''

The player is in a major-league organization and did not want his name used in this story. Alex Rodriguez Park is a point of pride with the Yankees' third baseman, who donated $3.9 million to the university.

The player has been in Rodriguez's home to use A-Rod's batting cage. He said Rodriguez always treated young players with respect.

"All these guys from around here look up to A-Rod,'' the player said. "He's from Miami. He became one of the best players of all time. The whole thing is just so unfortunate. From talking to the coaches and everyone involved in the program I always got the sense that Alex regarded himself as a Cane even though he didn't come here. He is a Hurricane.''

A different kind of hurricane is blowing through Alex Rodriguez's world these days after the Miami New Times' explosive report this week linked him to the anti-aging clinic Biogenesis and the use of PEDs over the last four years.

Rodriguez, who admitted to steroid use earlier in his career, has denied continuing to use them and any dealings with Biogenesis, which was owned by Anthony Bosch, the son of a prominent Florida physician who was linked to Manny Ramirez when baseball suspended Ramirez for illegal PED use in 2009.