We've seen him in black and gold for quite a while, but is there a chance that linebacker James Harrison could wind up in purple in 2013?

More free-agent speculation that's been popping up this weekend. The Steelers cut loose Harrison, their long-time linebacker who's now 35 years old. Is there a chance he could wind up in Baltimore?

The Baltimore Sun reported this weekend that Harrison's agent, Bill Parise, said that his client would certainly take a look at the Ravens.

"Baltimore would be a great fit for James," Parise said in The Sun. "They're a contender and a class organization, so James would definitely be interested. I would think they would have a need with the market for [Paul] Kruger."

Kruger's looking like he's going to wind up with another team, leaving the Ravens with possibility of losing both him and Dannell Ellerbe -- plus Ray Lewis, who retired at season's end.