We talked yesterday about the long stretch of time between Jerome Felton's drunken driving arrest in June 2012 and the NFL's decision to suspend him three games for that incident which was finally released on Monday. That delay might have helped Felton establish himself with the Vikings -- as we discussed yesterday the Vikings might have been more susceptible to letting Felton go if NFL discipline had come before he had a chance to establish himself last season. But the process also provided another window into a piece of the NFL's disciplinary policy that has irked players over the past few years.

According to a source close to Felton the NFL notified the fullback of its decision to suspend him in June. However drunken driving charges against Felton were dropped on April 24 after Felton pled guilty to careless driving. Felton completed community service to fulfill the requirements of the sentence in late June according to Hennepin County court records and appealed his suspension in July. The NFL notified Felton on Monday he would be suspended for the first three games of the season near the same time it announced the discipline to the public.

Felton was first arrested on suspicion of a third-degree DWI but the charge became a second-degree DWI because Felton had a previous DWI conviction within the last 10 years. That's an important part of this case because it put Felton under the purview of the NFL's rules for repeat offenders -- even though the second DWI charge against him was dropped.

A NFL spokesperson declined to discuss the case saying the league will not provide details on the case beyond its initial statement.