Maybe it’s the self-produced heat that has convinced Kendrys Morales he doesn’t need batting gloves.

Morales has shoved a bumpy opening week behind him on his way to an 8-for-17 stretch over five games through Tuesday night’s 16-9 loss. He had three doubles, a homer and five RBI in those five games. He started the season 1-for-12.

At times, Morales was wearing batting gloves. He has dispatched them of late, saying it’s warmer out so they are no longer needed. It’s an odd take considering he has progressed from Arizona to Oakland to Seattle.

During his uptick, Morales has been lauded for his approach. He doesn’t give at-bats away, providing a mid-order grind the Mariners have been missing for several seasons.

“Any at-bat, they just count,” Morales said through interpreter Jaime Navarro. “That’s what my responsibility is.”

Strongman Michael Morse has flipped. After a hot start, he’s 3-for-17 with five strikeouts in the past four games after going 1-for-5 with a homer on Tuesday. The Mariners are waiting for each to provide heat at the same time.