SHEP ... Is it possible to fix safety, o-line, d-line in this draft?

David Moore: I believe you can address those positions. Fix them? I'd say that's a stretch. Putting the franchise tag on Spencer indicates to me that defensive line will now be lower on that list. I'd say offensive line, safety and offensive line, in that order.

Al del Vecchio ... What is the latest word? Will Jason Garrett or Sir Callahan be calling the plays in 2013?

David Moore: Nothing definitive yet. They are still working through the process, as Jason Garrett would say. But here's what I'm thinking: if this is a make or break year for Garrett, if he could be fired if this team doesn't return to the playoffs, why would he turn the play calling over to Callahan? How many head coaches would turn their fate over to someone else rather than control it themselves?

USC Trojan ... Will the Boys have any interest in Reggie Bush?

David Moore: The Cowboys would have plenty of interest. The problem is they don't have plenty of money. They club doesn't have the resources to make a run at Bush.