One more chance for Major League Baseball in Montreal?

Why not? Washington had the Senators (twice) and then got the Nationals. Milwaukee had the Braves and then waited to get the Brewers. Seattle had the Pilots before the Mariners.

Former Expos star Warren Cromartie started his campaign to bring a major league club back to Montreal about a year ago. Big money is being spent to accumulate data to determine if Montreal could sustain a major league team almost nine years after the Expos moved to Washington.

It’s too bad it ended so ugly in such a beautiful city, known more for its hockey. Yet the talent that came out of Montreal since the Expos began play in 1969 was undeniable.

Hall of Famers Andre Dawson and Gary Carter, plus Rusty Staub “Le Grand Orange,” Tim Raines, Marquis Grissom, Cliff Floyd, Randy Johnson, Dennis Martinez, Pedro Martinez, Larry Walker, Andres Galarraga, Moises Alou, Vladimir Guerrero, and Tim Wallach all had stellar careers in Montreal.

Felipe Alou, Dick Williams, Gene Mauch, Buck Rodgers, and Frank Robinson managed there. Dave Dombrowski, Dan Duquette, Murray Cook, and Omar Minaya were among the general managers.

The attendance peak was 1979-83, when the Expos drew an average of more than 2.2 million fans with a high of 2.32 million in 1983, but loyal fans always believed that if majority owner Charles Bronfman had been able to keep the team and make the necessary improvements, including a new stadium, Montreal baseball would have thrived.