Relocation is a terrible word. It's the phrase that fans dread and cities fear, and that has stared down David Stern since he was named NBA commissioner in February of 1984.

The Clippers were the first to leave. Then came the Kings. Then it was the Grizzlies, Hornets, Sonics, Nets and very possibly the Kings again.

Who knows about these Kings? Do the whales surface in time to force a legitimate duel with Seattle? Can the community remain united and committed to retaining the only major-league sports franchise in town? Has Mayor Kevin Johnson effectively lobbied the owners during his whirlwind tour of All-Star Weekend events, in essence reminding them about the damage franchise hopping inflicts upon this league and its image?

This Kings–to-Seattle deal is far from resolved. There have been no ditch-digging arena developments amid the festivities here – none that have been unearthed, anyway. But let's get back to the beginning, back to Stern and his 30-year stewardship, back to Stern and his affinity for Sacramento, back to Stern and the fact that, in the end, in his final months as commissioner, he is refusing to abandon the market.