Give the Warriors brass this much: they want to win, and they're willing to put their money where their mouth is.

The Warriors sent $2.4 million in cash considerations to the Milwaukee Bucks to select shooting guard Patrick McCaw with the 38th pick of the NBA Draft.

McCaw is a multi-threat scoring wing with loads of athleticism, and he's got a lot in common with the Warriors all-star shooting guard. They've got nearly identical height and wingspan, and they even share an agent in Bill Duffy. But while Klay was a refined product with the size to challenge NBA defenders, McCaw is very much a work-in-progress across the board.

On the positive side, he's got a terrific vertical leap, took a whopping 5.7 three pointers per game, and he played well through a tough season for the Runnin' Rebels that saw their head coach fired midseason. But at just 180 pounds, we shouldn't expect him to go skying over big men for put back dunks anytime soon.