Players Association executive director Michael Weiner said Monday he is concerned about the burgeoning Tony Bosch steroids scandal in Miami and would not rule out strengthening the penalties for players caught using performance enhancing drugs, which currently call for a 50-game ban for first offenders.
Weiner, who was at the Toronto Blue Jays camp as part of his spring training tour of meetings with the players, said he plans to talk to all of the 25 players whose names appear on documents from Bosch's now-shuttered biogenesis clinic that have surfaced in recent weeks. Last week, Weiner had warned that reporters shouldn't jump to conclusions about the Miami situation, but Monday he made it clear the players themselves are not at all happy that there is at least the perception of players still trying to beat the system.
"We're taking it very seriously," Weiner said of the Miami revelations. "We'll talk to all of the players whose names have surfaced to try and determine if there is evidence of violations of the drug program which we negotiated jointly."