Bud Selig’s last season on the job will begin as has every season since 1992, when he was handed the keys and told by his empowering team owners that the “steal sign” is always on. It will begin with full adherence to drooling, sell-ya-down-the-river greed.

April’s Sunday night games on ESPN — 8:05 starts — again will demonstrate MLB’s anything-for-a-TV-buck outrageous disregard for fans: Red Sox at Yankees, Orioles at Red Sox, Angels at Yankees.

Freeze, you fools, freeze! Then see if you can last nine innings and still get home by 2 a.m.

Yet again, Selig & Co., in exchange for ESPN money, will allow games that logically should be played at 1 p.m. on Sunday afternoons in April to begin after 8 p.m., thus end near midnight — provided there are no delays that carry a game into Monday morning.

To hell, yet again, with everyone — tickets holders and Eastern Time Zone viewers of all ages, especially those with work or school Monday morning.

We’re left to presume Selig feels that starting Sunday baseball games after 8 p.m. in the Northeast in April meets his definition of logical. Sure. Envision him and his family heading out to take in a baseball game on a cold Sunday night.

And, as always, the baseball media and, as a whole, the sports media — once the watchdogs who went to bat on behalf of an otherwise bat-less public — offer no resistance, assign no shame. The media nod, bow, obey. They focus on nothing more worrisome than on-base percentages.