Willie Mitchell has been medically cleared for several days, but he hasn't returned to play. That's making Darryl Sutter lash out in frustration, but so far, the decision remains up to the player.

On the plus side, there hasn't been any bad news about his knee. The Los Angeles Times reports that Mitchell had another MRI on Monday, and the results were positive:

"There was no structural damage and no setback," General Manager Dean Lombardi said Tuesday. Lombardi said the decision on when to rejoin the lineup remains up to Mitchell, who was medically cleared to play last week.

Mitchell had a minor operation to remove cartilage in his knee about two months ago. What was supposed to be a short rehab period grew much longer when Mitchell began working out again, and inflammation flared up.

The setback resulted from Mitchell pushing too hard, too soon, and it's likely the reason he's so cautious now.