Andre Miller could have hesitated before rearing back for a full-court pass to Bradley Beal in the second quarter of Monday’s game against Miami. And on most nights, the sight of four Heat defenders scattered along the narrow, 90-foot passing lane probably would have deterred the veteran Washington Wizards guard.

Instead, Miller’s pass fell perfectly into the hands of Beal for a layup, serving as one highlight among many on a night when risk was met with reward, confidence yielded consistency and the Wizards blew out the two-time defending champions at Verizon Center, 114-93.

The Wizards shot 59 percent from the floor, made 14 three-pointers and boasted five double-digit scorers, led by Trevor Ariza with 25 points. Sure, Miami (54-27) elected to rest LeBron James and Chris Bosh in preparation for the playoffs, but with Washington mirroring the type of play that knocked off a fully loaded Heat team in January, not even the greatest player on the planet may have been able to slow the Wizards.

“We’ve seen enough of these games where they haven’t played some of their guys and we lost,” Wizards Coach Randy Wittman said. “So anytime you can get out and play the way we did from an offensive standpoint moving forward, it can’t hurt you.”

This holds especially true when considering Washington (43-38) could still face Miami in the first round of the playoffs. With Charlotte’s last-second win against Atlanta keeping the Bobcats just a game behind the Wizards for the No. 6 seed, Washington needs either a win against Boston or a Charlotte loss to Chicago on Wednesday to avoid facing the Heat, which clinched the No. 2 spot with Monday’s loss.

“We planning on winning [Wednesday], anyway,” Wizards forward Al Harrington said. “We don’t have the luxury of resting guys. This is our first time at the dance, so we have to go in feeling as good as possible and have as much momentum as we can. Whether [Charlotte] won or lost, whatever, we was trying to win the game on Wednesday.”