The Seahawks blew out the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII for a variety of reasons. Former Broncos defensive lineman Jeremy Mincey identified one possibly reason during a Saturday appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Alex Marvez and Zig Fracassi.

“Sometimes the better team don’t always win,” Mincey said. “The Seattle Seahawks came out there fired up and they wanted it more than we did. I think we were a little bit lackadaisical in the locker room before the game. See, that’s the thing about having, like, older guys. And Denver was full of older guys. Older guys take stuff a little lighter than younger guys. . . . We were more laid back and lackadaisical and I think that kind of cost us in a sense.”

Asked whether he thinks the team’s attitude should have been a little more “rah-rah, fired up,” Mincey didn’t mince (yep, I went there) words.

“Yeah, it should have been,” Mincey said. “I really think it should have been. All of us could have played a lot better.”