In case you didn't know, the Milwaukee Bucks are counting on Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis to carry a big scoring load in the 2012-13 NBA season. With everything quiet on the free agent front and nothing but backups to choose from at this point, that duo will definitely be featured this fall. Although I have my reservations about entrusting the offense to a pair of historically inefficient guards, I'm willing to meet the idea head on and explore how it can best work out for the Bucks.

Beno Udrih figures to soak up some leftover minutes at point guard and shooting guard, but I haven't detected nearly as much excitement surrounding his presence in the rotation. Rookie combo guard Doron Lamb flashed some potential during Summer League play, but he's just 20 years old and he failed to hit a three-pointer in Vegas. To expect Lamb to play a big role on a team with playoff aspirations is a bit pie-in-the-sky for my tastes, so let's focus on the trio of Jennings, Ellis and Udrih. Maybe I can get everyone a bit more excited about Udrih.