Now for that Laker turnaround. ...

In, like two seasons from now, maybe, if they’re lucky.

No, they’re not about to return to the playoffs. Neither is Minnesota, which now has Karl-Anthony Towns to go with Andrew Wiggins, putting it well ahead of the Lakers.

Nevertheless, if the Lakers are to turn this around, they started with the No. 2 pick who became D’Angelo Russell.

Not that everyone like it. Tweeted the Los Angeles Times’ Bill Plaschke: “wow... crazy... wow... unreal... you’ve got to be kidding.”

Happily — Bill’s a friend of mine — he didn’t pass out, but I get it. Russell’s not a big. Jahlil Okafor is, pretty much.

The Lakers measured Okafor at 6-9 1/2 in stocking feet. Low post progdigy that he is — a GM told me he thinks Okafor will average 18 points and 10 rebounds as a rookie — the Lakers thought that he was more of a power forward than a center.

As to whether bigs or points are more important in today’s game, the answer is ... yes.

Portland went 61-87 over two seasons with LaMarcus Aldridge, the plum of this summer’s free agents, whom the Lakers will soon prostrate themselves before, turning it around after point guard Damian Lillard became a star in his second season.

If the Lakers are still missing their next big, I can now imagine a lot of good things happening to them, as opposed to the last two seasons when I couldn’t: