Ryan Miller's situation is kind of back to where it was in April. Any game he plays could be his last one with the Buffalo Sabres. While it seems chatter about a trade of Miller prior to the Olympics has pretty much died down, tomorrow's game here against Pittsburgh could be his final one at home in Blue & Gold if the Sabres were to deal him immediately after the Olympic roster freeze ends.

"Anything is possible," Miller said after practice today in a wide-ranging session with reporters. "Just with the way the season's gone and the direction they could be headed. But again, we'll just wait to see what the plans start to become."

Miller admitted his future remains murky because the Sabres are still trying to forge their plan going forward.

"I still don't know what to say. There's been a change here even since there was a change here before," he said, referring to the hiring of new GM Tim Murray. "So it's like I'm waiting to see what the plan is and waiting to see what they have to offer. We haven't talked about anything with regard to contracts and we haven't talked about anything with regard to trades. They're doing their business."

So I asked Miller point-blank if he's told the Sabres he wants out or if he's told them he's willing to stay. He was understandably evasive.