Arizona coach Sean Miller has looked back several times on a season of what could have been. When you're at a school and the head of program where the only expectations are great ones, revisits to the past sometimes help with the future.

What stands out most to him was Arizona lost five games by a total of 12 points, so "it's almost as if every game we lost came down to the final play," Miller said, "which makes our season more dramatic.

But we had a great group."

Now, it's his job to see if Arizona can catch lightning in a basket next season. Thirty-plus victory seasons don't always happen . . . even at a place like Arizona, where the Wildcats will be coming off a 33-5 season and an Elite Eight appearance.

"One of the things we have talked about as a staff, especially as we welcome in the new freshmen, that as talented as we were as a team, a big part of our success was our overall chemistry," Miller said Wednesday. "We really did play as a team. We had a number of players sacrifice. Unselfishness and our team chemistry coupled with our talent made us have the season we did.

"It's a reminder for us moving forward -- and it's as important as anything -- that everyone gets back to being on that same page."

As Miller put it, there are a lot of "individual players with a lot at stake" next year.