As athletic as Gerald Green is his hops don’t outweigh his two remaining contract years worth $7 million or his struggles with shot selection and ball-handling.

As good as next year’s NBA draft projects to be Indiana’s first-round draft pick which the Suns acquired along with Green and Miles Plumlee for Luis Scola probably will prove to be only slightly better than a second-round pick.

The understated prize of the Scola trade last month is Plumlee a player who was a part-time starter as a Duke senior and has logged 55 NBA minutes before turning 25 on Sunday.

Green could help the Suns meet goals of being a more athletic better 3-point shooting team and the first-round pick is valuable to add to the draft pick stockpile for potential trades but Plumlee was much more Suns’ target than a Pacers’ throw-in.

“I know everybody’s excited about Gerald” Plumlee said. “Being his teammate I know he has all the talent in the world but people don’t realize I didn’t have to be part of the trade to make it work. I think it was more that they wanted me and that’s a good feeling.”

Much of the good feeling about Plumlee stems from his play at the summer league in Orlando last month. After logging more appearances in the D-League than the NBA as an Indiana rookie Plumlee gave more credence to Indiana making him a surprise pick at No. 26 last year. In four games Plumlee averaged 10.0 points 9.5 rebounds and 3.0 blocks with only seven fouls in 108 minutes.

Plumlee is tremendously athletic for a big man bouncing off the floor well for a 6-foot-11 255-pounder. Plumlee is no future All-Star center. He is too limited offensively for that although he has a jump hook and will get Suns coach Jeff Hornacek’s expertise on fixing his shooting form. For $4.4 million over the next three seasons Plumlee could prove to be a valuable big man because of how well he runs the floor protects the rim and rebounds particularly on the defensive end.

Plumlee needs encouragement after an uneven rookie season that included days when he would practice with the Pacers and then drive two hours to Fort Wayne to play a D-League game. He is known for a tireless work ethic but also as a nice guy who could trust his skill set more and acquire a little P.J. Tucker constant aggression to cut out his niche.