On Sunday night a video made its way onto the Internet (see it here) showing Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic in an altercation outside a nightclub in Vancouver on Saturday night. In the video Lucic is seen in an argument with another guy when the police arrive and Lucic protests that he was hit multiple times by the guy.

The Bruins were of course in Vancouver to play the Canucks on Saturday, a game they lost 6-2. Lucic, being a native of Vancouver, went out after the game to blow off some proverbial steam and that's when things went bad.

Lucic spoke about the incident on Monday and explained that he "was the victom of an attack" and that he will take a look at his legal options.

Further to that, Lucic talked about his hometown where he has had nothing but trouble since the Bruins beat the Canucks in the Stanley Cup Final in 2011. His words were less than favorable.