The Mike Woodson watch has reached critical mass. Each day brings more headlines, more explanations and more finger-pointing.

According to Ian Begley of ESPN New York, Woodson’s tenure is growing ever more tenuous. Despite Knicks owner James Dolan giving Woodson a vote of confidence Nov. 22, Woodson's job has been in jeopardy.

Begley wrote, "A source with knowledge of the team's thinking told earlier this month that Woodson is being evaluated on a 'game-by-game basis' by upper management."

How has Woodson done since his vote of confidence? Terribly, leading the Knicks to a 6-11 record, including a 29-point loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Christmas Day. If Dolan and co. have been evaluating Woodson since then—and he clearly wasn't in a secure position at the time—his seat must be very hot now.

It’s hard to see how this can end well for the embattled New York Knicks head coach. Woodson has been dealing with losses and injuries in New York and trying to balance a roster that seems truly unbalanced at times. He even tried instating a team curfew last Friday night before a big game the next day. It didn't work so well