Standing outside the Miami Dolphins' locker room, in a dark tunnel leading to the field where his players were preparing for a December game against the New England Patriots, general manager Jeff Ireland made something candidly clear.

He recognized, like everyone else, that Miami needed more playmakers in the passing game if his handpicked quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, was going to succeed as Ireland had long suspected he would.

He realized this even before he selected Tannehill -- who was always part of his offseason plan last year (the team's brief flirtations with Peyton Manning notwithstanding) -- with the eighth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. But Ireland made a considerable miscalculation, something he now recognizes privately to those around him: He undervalued the market for top-flight wide receivers.

Specifically, he did not anticipate the contracts that Vincent Jackson (who went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for five years and $55.56 million) and Pierre Garcon (who went to the Washington Redskins for five years and $42.5 million) -- two players he would have liked on his roster -- would fetch. And now, on the cusp of the free agency period, sources have said Ireland is prepared to make amends.

If all goes as planned -- and yes, there is a plan -- Ireland will have a corps of pass catchers within the next week that includes Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline and Davone Bess, sources said. The plan ("Plan A", at least) does not include Greg Jennings, who isn't as valued by the organization as many outsiders believe him to be.

The Dolphins covet Wallace because of his ability to make plays in the end zone, recognizing their high reliance on field goals in close games last season. They covet his speed, which would add a dynamic that was missing on a team without a player who could force defenses to respect the deep ball.

But just how much do they covet him? Is Ireland, who has taken a conservative and methodical approach to the construction of his roster, willing to suck it up and open his owner's wallet to make sure the deal gets done?