Right around the same time Derek Jeter was explaining to the news media on Wednesday his reasons for making the upcoming season his last one, Mike Trout was telling reporters nearly a continent away why he has long idolized the New York Yankees shortstop.

Commissioner Bud Selig, who's leaving alongside Jeter, could not pick a better new face of the game.

Trout, the only player ever to finish in the top two in the league MVP voting in his first two full seasons, arrived at the Los Angeles Angels camp at a trim 235 pounds, sporting his usual buzz cut and jovial attitude.

He touched on offseason activities such as rabbit hunting, fishing with his father in St. Lucia – they caught a barracuda and a wahoo – and watching LeBron James and the Miami Heat take on the Philadelphia 76ers. He was shown on the game's broadcast.

Trout also discussed his growing celebrity and his admiration for Jeter, whom he emulated as a youth-league shortstop growing up in Millville, N.J., until switching to center field his senior year in high school.

"He's always been my favorite player to watch, just the way he carried himself on and off the field, winning championships,'' Trout said. "It all comes down to winning. You can have all the best stats in the world, but if you're not winning, it really doesn't mean nothing.''

Like Jeter, Trout knows how to steer away from controversy, declining to talk about an increasingly hot topic – his contract.