The accomplishments on the field were astonishing, which is why Millville's Mike Trout became the unanimous winner of the BBWAA's American League rookie of the year award Monday night.

What's equally compelling is the story about Mike Trout the young man. He turned 21 in August and when his amazing season with the Los Angeles Angels was complete, he returned to the Cumberland County home where he grew up.

Even after a year of being the star of stars on a team that included Albert Pujols, Trout remains more a rural South Jersey kid than a Southern California dude.

Look outside and you might even see him taking out the trash.

"Mike is a great player, but he really is a great kid," said Jeff Trout, the father of baseball's brightest young star. "He has always been a good role model and teammate, and he is still friends with all the kids he grew up with.

"Mike hasn't changed a bit. He still lives at home. His mom still gets on his butt about taking out the trash. He's no diva. You'll usually find him out hunting or golfing with friends. He's had the same girlfriend since he was 15. Jessica Cox."