In the annals of great battles, Harper vs. Trout may not stand the test of time like Lincoln vs. Douglas or be as sadly one-sided as Robinson Cano vs. Royals fans. Yet it's the most simplistically complex question in sports, the choice between a power-hitting, pressure-swatting man-child and a kid who's a double-barreled Leatherman: the pocket-sized implement overflowing with tools and the guy in center field using a hide glove to rob batters simultaneously of their hits and self-worth.

They ask it everywhere, too. At bars. On message boards. Throughout the stands. And in clubhouses. Especially in clubhouses. All 30 have, at one point or another, housed the debate: Who would you take first, Bryce Harper or Mike Trout?

Sometimes it evolves into a question of why as well, though brevity often suffices within the clubhouse walls. An answer is an answer, and it's good enough, even if it might pique the world's curiosity on what the minds inside locker rooms think about one of their own.

Perhaps the greatest testament to their instantaneous stardom is that in this All-Star game in which neither Harper nor Trout will start – because not only were they not on the All-Star ballot, they weren't even on their teams' opening-day rosters – they are the chief attraction. It's about the Washington Nationals' 19-year-old wunderkind and the Los Angeles Angels' 20-year-old MVP candidate. It's about a new generation of baseball stars whose similarities may end at the respect they've engendered among their peers, Trout through his quiet brilliance and Harper through sheer force of persona.

So, who you got?

"That question right there is the one every clubhouse argues," San Diego closer Huston Street says. "You've got American League, National League. West Coast and East Coast. Speed and power."