To an outsider, it seemed like a pretty miserable season to be a Houston Rocket.

On top of seeing their on-court product fall off a cliff after last season's improbable run to the Western Conference finals, the Rockets (perhaps not coincidentally) haven't much seemed to enjoy each other's company.

Their coach got fired 11 games into the season; they had more players-only meetings than one cares to count; there have been innumerable reports of friction between the team's two biggest stars (one of whom is allegedly on his way out of town); and after the shot that clinched arguably their biggest win of the season, their bench looked more put-out than excited.

With the season now mercifully over, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey spoke to reporters at the Toyota Center on Friday, and, as he's done all season, tried to dispel any notion that there's anything rotten in Houston. All that bad publicity? Planted by the competition, apparently.