Mike Piazza made a rare appearance back in Flushing on Sunday and Citi Field drew a larger-than-normal crowd because of it as the former All-Star and rock-star catcher became the 27th person to be inducted into the team's Hall of Fame.

Piazza's possible enshrinement in the Baseball Hall of Fame however remains far more complicated he acknowledged because of the performance-enhancing drug cloud that has engulfed his generation.

Baseball's all-time home run leader among catchers never failed an MLB administered drug test nor was linked directly to PED's but suspicion of his use appeared to have influenced some baseball writers to not vote for Piazza last winter in his first appearance on the ballot.

"I just feel it's an unfortunate consequence of that era" Piazza said before the ceremony that preceded the Mets' season-ending game against Milwaukee. "Not to get into a deep dissertation of fault but in a perfect world if we could go back and do things again I'm sure we would have done a lot of things different.