After we reported that the Atlanta Hawks reached out to Obradoiro about buying out Mike Muscala and bringing the Bucknell star to Atlanta to help the ailing frontcourt, a source close to the situation tells Peachtree Hoops that he is indeed going to be a Hawk, having been bought out of his contract and is expected to join the team shortly.

Muscala could come over and be bought out, unlike Lucas Nogueira, becuase he was a second round pick, our own hawksfanatic confirmed earlier. The Hawks had sent a required tender that secured his rights, even as Muscala missed the deadline to sign.

Muscala, as has been documented by Peachtree Hoops over the course of the season, has been a great surprise and Obradoiro has turned down multiple offers for him. However, it's reported that Muscala has an NBA clause in his contract that allowed for a buyout to occur.