As good of a draft prospect as Sammy Watkins is, NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said it doesn’t make sense for the Detroit Lions to trade up to get him — unless they can get a steal of a deal.

“I’m not sure you want to go get anybody, in all honesty, in this draft, giving up picks, unless it’s go get a Sammy Watkins, like you’re asking for, where you don’t have to give up much,” Mayock said in a teleconference today. “If you have to give up a fourth-round pick or maybe even a third-round pick that’s (76th overall), that’s one thing. If you start talking about a second-round pick or a No. 1 next year, I wouldn’t go anywhere near that kind of stuff. This draft has got enough good football players.”

Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said at the league meetings in March that he sees value in trading up to get an impactful player in the draft and that there are fewer than 10 of those players available this year.

The Lions pick 10th, have a major need at receiver and have spent significant time vetting Watkins this off-season.

Still, in a draft deep in pass catchers, Mayock said that the Lions could bolster their offense by staying put and hoping that Mike Evans falls into their lap.

“I kind of feel like most people in Detroit are fixated on getting that wideout, and I understand why,” Mayock said. “But from my perspective, again, I have no problem with Michael Evans. I would take him in a heartbeat without having to give up another pick, so I think you have to think really hard before you start giving up picks to move up and go get somebody in this draft.”

According to the draft-value chart, which has become less of a rule under the new collective bargaining agreement, the Lions could move up to pick No. 7, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select, by packaging their first- and third-rounders.

The Bucs also have a need a receiver, and Mayock said he had Tampa taking Watkins seventh in one of the two mock drafts he did Wednesday.