Retired All-Star Mike Lowell said he doesn’t blame Marlins fans for being angry at the club’s roster purge, but he also thinks the team can surprise people this year.
“I think there’s a lot more talent than people think on this team,’’ Lowell said Thursday after arriving in Marlins camp as a guest instructor.
“Now, how that translates, how soon, we’ll see. But I think the stereotype that there’s no chance of winning here, I don’t think that’s the case.’’
Lowell, a Miami resident who helped the Marlins win the World Series in 2003, was part of a purge after the ‘05 season when he was traded with Josh Beckett to the Boston Red Sox.
Last season’s club was 69-93.
“I understand that the team lost a lot of games, but I think it would be hard to say they lost a lot of games because of Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle and Josh Johnson,’’ he said, referring to the three Marlins stars sent to Toronto in November.
He said the biggest disappointment was the suddenness of the moves, less than a year after the excitement of opening a $515 million ballpark.
“I don’t think the fans are totally wrong in that situation, because there was so much excitement over the stadium, over the team, and it seemed like it was just a rental,’’ he said.
Lowell, who will leave camp after Sunday’s game, said he thinks the organization can recover once the team starts winning.
“There’s good talent they got for the trade,’’ he said. “It’s just, when does the talent pan out? Does it pan out in two years? Does it pan out in five years? Does it pan out in one year? The fans want it to pan out now, which is normal. …
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