In the ongoing legal saga involving Jets running back Mike Goodson, the main question has been whether or not he was the owner of a .45-caliber Taurus Millennium handgun found inside the SUV he was arrested in a few weeks back.

Possession of such a weapon, which also contained a hollow point round, could lead to serious jail time.

The State Police say it is an ongoing investigation. Statements taken by Goodson and the driver of the vehicle, Garant Evans, at the barracks in Netcong on the night of the arrest were done so when both were "heavily intoxicated," according to the State Police.

No matter what was said, law enforcement officials are still working to match the gun — which was found among two half-smoked marijuana cigars inside the vehicle — to the rightful owner.

But according to a portion of the police report revealed to The Star-Ledger, Evans confessed to owning the handgun in the hours following the arrest.

"Upon briefly speaking to Evans, he stated that the gun was his but refused to answer questions regarding where it came from or where he acquired the gun," the report read.

State Police and Joseph Afflitto, Evans’ attorney, said the legal process still needs to run its course.