Those early goals allowed in the Red Wings' victory over St. Louis might have hurt goaltender Jimmy Howard's confidence in the past.

Whether the goals were scored by fluke or mistake, Howard sometimes let goals gnaw at him. That could have been the case Tuesday when the Blues took a 2-0 lead on two power-plays goals.

But Howard was able to brush both goals off and play even better down the stretch.

"He's more consistent," coach Mike Babcock said. "He's played lots of good hockey. He just hasn't been as mentally tough and as consistent (in the past)."

The Blues scored on Matt D'Agostini's tip-in during the first period and then in the second period when Alexander Steen nudged in a puck that squirted loose under Howard's pads.

"In the past, stuff like that would bother him," Babcock said. "Well, not a ton but a little bit more. He just keeps playing. That's what I like about him. Let's play the next one. We've got another shot coming and let's worry about that. So, to me, he's a calm, poised goalie that gives us confidence."