I’m excited for the next chapter of Minnesota Twins baseball. As a younger fella, this next chapter might be the best I’ve ever seen. I have a feeling that Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano might be better than Torii Hunter and Corey Koskie.

In an effort to just take a peak, get a taste, cop a feel of that next chapter, I really want to see Miguel Sano start the season at third base for the Minnesota Twins. I’m really being selfish, but I want to see it gosh darn it.

I’ve seen enough of Trevor Plouffe. I can deal with him being the designated pinch-hitter, but I am done seeing him playing third base, so much so that I said the Twins probably should have went after Kevin Youkilis, whom is now headed to Japan.

Miguel Sano looks to finally be the guy to stop the third base carousel that has existed ever since Koskie departed.