No matter how often someone hits the ball hard, winning the batting title can be tough. Miguel Cabrera repeatedly had shown that in the last few days before Friday.

Beginning with his long final out on Wednesday, Cabrera hit the ball hard on five consecutive at-bats. On those five at-bats, he went 1-for-5.

Friday night, he kept hitting the ball hard. And this night, the Rangers couldn’t do much about it.

Cabrera torched the ball for a hit each of his first three times up in the Tigers’ 2-1 win. His fourth time up, he walked.

After he hit balls that ate up infielders on his first two at-bats, he lined a double off the leftfield wall in the fifth to drive in the game’s first run. It was the eighth straight at-bat in which he hit the ball hard.

Cabrera began his streak with his drive to the wall to end the Tigers’ loss Wednesday to Houston. On Thursday, amidst a double, he made outs on a bolt to deep left-center, then on a smash on which first baseman Mitch Moreland made a diving stop, and then on a bolt that caromed off third baseman Adrian Beltre to shortstop Elvis Andrus, who threw out Cabrera on a bang-bang play.

Cabrera got some payback Friday. In the first inning, he hit a ground smash to Beltre, who is as good defensively as any third baseman in the league. The ball deflected off Beltre, and this time it didn’t go to Andrus. It went into short leftfield for a hit.