In the fifth inning of Thursday's game against the White Sox, reigning AL MVP and Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera took ChiSox ace Chris Sale deep for a solo homer. It was his 30th home run and 94th RBI of the season, marking the first time a player has ever gone 30/90 before the All-Star break.

Down in Baltimore, the Orioles' Chris Davis slugged his 34th home run of the season against his former team, the Rangers. He's sitting on 86 RBI and could join Cabrera in the 30/90 club this weekend. It's pretty cool that not one, but two guys might accomplish this never-before-done feat.

Except there's a rub: the All-Star break is very late this year. Most teams will have played 95 games by the end of the weekend, whereas the break came somewhere in the 85-87 game range in years past. Cabrera, and possibly Davis, got an extra week or so to make history.