Following up on Graham's midseason report cards on the forwards this morning, I've got the defensemen and the goalies. Just like him, we're going to grade on a curve, so Kent Huskins isn't going to be held to the same standard as Niklas Kronwall.

Let's take a look at how the defenders have done so far.

Detroit's last offseason signing, Colaiacovo joined the team with the weight of not being Ryan Suter on his shoulders and unfortunately, it seems they couldn't bear that strain. Colaiacovo was finishing only his second game with the team on January 21st when he took a hard hit against the boards and left the game. While he's rumored close to returning, he hasn't played since. Despite one of his two games being the team's worst performance of the year (the season opener), Colaiacovo played well in those two games.

GRADE: Incomplete