Michigan is represented at the Big Ten championship game in Indianapolis today, but only by players.

Taylor Lewan is there to receive the conference’s offensive lineman of the year award, for the second straight year, and Devin Funchess was named the tight end of the year. They are supposed to be honored with the other award winners during tonight’s game between Michigan State and Ohio State.

Watching two rivals is a tough pill for them, though.

“It’s a little rough,” Lewan said on BTN today. “At the end of the day, we’re hoping there’s some sort of flaw in the rules and both of them lose somehow. Both these teams deserve it. Great coaching staffs, good players and it’s going to be an exciting game to watch. I’m not necessarily a fan but I will be watching the game and will enjoy it.”

As a sophomore, Funchess may be new to this award stage but is well schooled in the party line.

“I kind I have the same (feeling) as Taylor,” Funchess said “I don’t want to see either team win, but I just want to get a good game out of it.”

Both had significant praise for the two teams, especial Lewan for MSU’s defense, which held U-M without a touchdown in the 29-6 MSU win.

Despite their distaste for both opponents, having faced both defenses, the U-M offensive players offered a breakdown.

MSU’s success against Michigan earned Lewan’s respect.