Denard Robinson got a head start on a position change in November and December, and the former Michigan quarterback hopes that helps him this week at the Senior Bowl.

Robinson lined up at wide receiver and punt returner during the North practice Monday afternoon at Ladd Peebles Stadium but was off limits for contact, still limited by the ulnar nerve injury in his right elbow that cut short his college career as a quarterback.

He holds the FBS record with 4,495 rushing yards by a quarterback, and he's being explored first as a wide receiver with some talk about running back and even cornerback.

"I am a football player," Robinson said. "I like playing football. Whatever it takes to play. It was great to be out there."

The injury is something that flared up, and Robinson hopes to be able to participate more as the week goes along. He is open-minded to ideas NFL teams have for him.

"We want to see if he can make the conversion," said Raiders wide receivers coach Ted Gilmore, whose team is coaching the North squad. "We know he is gifted when the ball in his hands, but it's another thing to run routes and catch the ball. We'll see what kind of ball skills he has.

"That is what we're hoping to determine, that it's something he can do, because we all know he is explosive once he has it in his hands."

One scout said he viewed Robinson as a situational player at "a lot of positions because he runs so well with the ball in the open field."

"When I first went into Michigan, I thought he might be a running back just because he runs the ball so darn well," the scout said.

He could wind up like Chiefs wide receiver Dexter McCluster, who also plays in the backfield and was a Senior Bowl star in 2010 coming out of Mississippi.