Entering the 2013 season, Michigan football coach Brady Hoke had just saddled himself with an unacceptable 8-5 record.

However, he still had plenty of recruiting momentum.

The Wolverines scored commitments from two of the top players in 2015 -- George Campbell and Damien Harris, they scored a pledge from the top cornerback in 2014 (Jabrill Peppers) and they were viewed as a favorite for the top-ranked defensive end in 2014 (Da'Shawn Hand).

At present moment, though, only one of those players has plans on signing a letter of intent with Michigan.

"They had a lot more momentum going into last year's class than this year's class," Scout.com's Midwest Football Recruiting Manager Allen Trieu said this week. "And it was (probably) more than they'll have going into the 2015 class.

"I think there's a little more negativity, maybe, than they've had in the last couple classes. ... But, I don't think it's really (majorly) effected things just yet."

Hoke and company have already lost the pledges of Campbell and Harris, the top-ranked wide receiver and running back in 2015, respectively.

Hand, meanwhile, surprised quite a few in November when he opted to commit to Alabama over Michigan.

Of course, most of this took place during the Wolverines' 2013 on-field collapse, that saw the team finish the year losing five of its last six games.

Hand committed to Alabama two days before Michigan narrowly escaped Northwestern on the road. News of Campbell's official decommitment from the program came down roughly two weeks after a regular-season ending loss to Ohio State.

The only thing Michigan salvaged during the month of December was Peppers, a five-star corner prospect who expressed interest in looking elsewhere due to rumors of Hoke's job status.

With an assist from Dave Brandon, and a successful on-campus visit, Peppers made his way back into the fold before things got too serious.

However, the bad momentum continued earlier this month when Harris jumped off the commitment ship roughly two weeks after Michigan fired offensive coordinator Al Borges -- the assistant Harris was primarily tied to.

Add all this into the fact that Michigan hasn't netted a commitment from anyone in nearly four months and it's hard not to see the slippage in Hoke's recruiting momentum.

But Trieu says it's important to remember that everything in the recruiting world seems to happen in cycles. One minute you're up, the next you're down. But the teams with true selling points are the ones that stay standing throughout all of it.

"(The 2013 season) going to effect recruiting a little bit," Trieu said. "I still think in the end, though, kids aren't going to get overly affected by one year. It's still Michigan and there's still a lot you can recruit with.

"The academics, the stadium, the fan support (is all still there)."

As far as in-state swings are concerned, Trieu notes that any true proof of Michigan State's Big Ten title and Rose Bowl victory being enough to push past Michigan with regard to local prospects is to be determined.

As it sits now, Michigan has three pledges from the state's top 10 prospects list (per Scout.com).