Nik Stauskas may be the best shooter in this NBA Draft.

A year ago, he nearly got the chance to prove he was the best shooter in the world.

According to Stauskas, he and Golden State's Stephen Curry had a shooting competition prepared for the court behind Stauskas' Mississauga, Ontario, home.

“He challenged me. We tried to do it and the NCAA had some restrictions with playing against a professional and having a competition,” Stauskas said at today's NBA predraft combine. “It couldn't happen, so hopefully we can still make that happen one day.”

The whole challenge was set to be televised by TSN, the Canadian version of ESPN, Stauskas said.

“His people set a date for mid-July that they wanted to do it and of course I checked with Tom Wywrot our (Michigan) media guy and of course there was some NCAA violations and all of that stuff, so we couldn't do it. Me and Steph, in the backyard.”

It all started when Stauskas made one of his patented YouTube videos when home during a break from Michigan, shooting in the rain and still hitting 46 threes in a row.

He posted it on Twitter and it got some attention (“a little bit of a buzz”) but then suddenly his Twitter mentions went wild. An avid tweeter, he was curious why.

Apparently Curry, the star guard for Golden State, had retweeted it.

“He challenge me to a three-point contest on Twitter and I said sure,” Stauskas said.

From there he contacted Curry's “people and we tried to make it happen.”

As always, Stauskas was unflailingy confident.

“He's not beating me in my backyard,” Stauskas said with his grin. “That's not going to happen.”

Coincidentally, he interviewed with Golden State on Thursday night and, though Curry was a not a main topic - Stauskas has compared his game to Curry and Klay Thompson - he said he was starstruck by NBA legend Jerry West being in the room as a consultant.